Monday, December 19, 2011

VINIIR - The Story Chapter 1 (2011)

VINIIR - The Story Chapter 1 (2011)

Viking Metal made in Malaysia! Yes indeed, this band hailing from my city Ipoh, Perak. I've been knowing about this shit debut demo from the beginning of its production. Hahaa.. it was actually my brother's band. It was so fukkin hard for him and his bandmate Razul to finished this shit stuff. Mostly to get the right drummer for their songs. Well I dont want to talk about it and lets concentrate more on this demo. It was definitely was the Viking anthem which mostly inspired by Amon Amarth and Ensiferum I'm really sure. We have 3 trax which is Thor, The Story and Edda War. Quite fascinating especially the music which definitely very much catchy and might be soothing your mind. I guess the harmony and melodies quite relaxing eventhough there was a lil bit heavy and rough attacking riffs and solos. However for those of you who are totally into pure evil Black Metal or brutal blast Death Metal, I can be sure this is not your taste hahaa.. One thing quite interesting about each of the songs was the solo part which has been played at the end of every songs. I guess maybe they didnt have that much chorus part to slip in their solo hehee.. Hmm.. quite fast and catchy solo but its too short which sometimes you might felt it doesnt enough to listen hahaa.. Ok, each songs also featured an intro which is a thunder sound effect for Thor, a horns blow for The Story and the sword fighting sounds for Edda War. I think all those sounds effect quite match to each of the songs. Hmm.. anything else? Yes indeed another things is the vocal. I think Viniir very much grateful to have such a vocalist. His voice seems very much suit to the Viking mood. Sometimes it sounds like Immortal mixed with Satyricon hehee.. Well I hope this precious voices will last longer to sing every Viniir songs in the future. Ok, we have quite pro-done released overhere. Color printed CD and cover with the glossy paper in the slipcase. Frontpage featuring the Viking ship which I think very much suit to the demo which carry the Viking souls for the band Viniir. Hmm.. I dont have anymore words hahaa.. Overall the recording and mixing not that bad eventhough you still can hear certain parts that doesnt match in between the riffs. However the Necro-X studio seems managed to produced quite good sounds which is very much polished and crystal clear. I guess you should get this shit demo and just try the new experience of the Viking Metal made in Malaysia. Any interest just email at or or you can also ask from me hahaa..

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