Friday, April 9, 2010

SANGWITOK ZINE #8 Unleashed!!!

Sangwitok Zine #8 (2010) - Featuring 13 old inties of perverted such as Militant Attack, Unlight Dawn, Immolate, Nightmare, Symphony Jimbalang, Diabolical, Wrath Passion, Pensee Nocturnes, Orgy Of Flies, Beltane, Abrahel, Paganus Doctrina & Black Sister. Few audio and metalzines boring reviews. A lil bit of artwork, bandbio and metalnews. Plus a special pages for Hellditorial Evil Tongue. As usual Cut n paste and computerized shits with sickening tiny font size. All of these shits only cost RM8 / USD8 by sending your order at this fukkin email Trade also can but write first laaa..

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