Monday, January 17, 2011

Sangwitok Zine Issue #9 Out Now!!!

Sangwitok Zine #9 (2011) - Hell-o clits n dickheads! Lets enjoy our 12 fukk up inties with Bestial Hordes, Brabazom, Sindraz, Ajal, Kantong Simayit, Al Azazhil, Infernal Rites, ABMS 696, Abominoq, Barbalans, Humiliation and Thorns Of Hate. Few audio and zine reviews. New section called Three Questions and Best of Hellart. Plus an Artworks and Katoon. Not to be forgotten the typical Infometal. All you can have only RM8 or USD10 per copy. Any orders just send an email at and I will give you my snailmail. Trade is fukkin Ok but as usual write first maaaa... Send your stuff for review in our next issue #10. -I-

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