Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sangwitok Zine - Rest For A While

Salam Metal and Hell-o to you all undergrounders!!! I am hereby would like to announced you that Sangwitok Zine will Rest For A While! So no more issues will unleashed from this time onward. Our last issue #10 is the final one and it could be no more in the future. Anyway Sangwitok Zine maybe will be back to live again one day but its no certain. Only time will tell.

So for time being I will still make a review for metal stuffs. But it will be in the form of video which uploaded in the Youtube. So you can check it out in the Youtube by searching my name Sangwitok Zine. Hopefully it will make you happy while the dissappearence of Sangwitok Zine from your hand.

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